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Are you like us? Eager and keen to discover new music? Everyday is another day to discover a new band, a new genre which could soundtrack your life? Well, welcome to iwantnewmusic.

It's simple, make a post about a new band you have discovered which you think people will appreciate. Posts should be made out like this :

Name :
Genre :
Tracks : Standout tracks, the ones that win you over on first listen!
Describe : What do they sound like? What's their sound?

Feel free to promote your band and local bands, provide us with the link to the site!

Please, no spammers. I don't want you to join this community just to promote your new rating community. It's unfair to you as you aren't taking full advantage to discovering new music!

Street teams are welcome, just dont spam the community all the time!

What are you waiting for? Discover new music today!

Love, Maintainer - heartshotkisses